The Corolla Files

Ok. Technically this is Samantha's car, but since I turn wrenches on it, I figured that I'd include it here.

It is a 1988 Toyota Corolla FX. It has a 1.6 4-cyl, SOHC, and a 2bbl carbeurator. It won't win any speed races, but it does a fine job of transporting a weekend's worth of gear plus two kenneled dogs back and forth to Pennsylvania for a weekend. This is where the hatchback feature is most appreciated. It is a perfect grocery getter.

Currently it has ~111,000mi on the odometer and it is still clicking away. The only 'major' maintenance that has been done to it recently is new struts and a left axle. With only oil changes, I fully expect it to continue on for many miles to come.

You may have noticed the wheels on this Corolla are not factory. This is true. They were donated from a 1984 Dodge Omni GLH. What you cannot see are the horns that the Omni also donated. (The original Toyota horn sounded more like a dying duck than a horn. Reckless/Ignorant Driver: "Say.. I just pulled a moron-move, and I think that the dying duck brigade is after me" -- Reality: Jeff/Sam are getting madder because our attempt to bring attention to this moron by leaning on the horn is futile.) These Omni horns are *WAY* loud.

Performance upgrades intended:

-- ARE YOU KIDDIN ME?? No "peformance" upgrades are intended, however, I *may* eventually get around to completing the cruise control installation. (We'll see...)

Sadly... this car is RIP. It spun a connecting rod bearing at 115k, and as the body was starting to be questionable for passing VA state safety inspection (rust), we decided that repairing it was not in our (Sam's) best financial interest. It was replaced by a 2002 Hyundai Accent.