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Hello. Sorry I've been such a stranger lately. Year two thousand has been a very, very strange year for me, and consequently I've been a bit busy doing a lot of personal things.

Hopefully this webpage will eliminate some of the questions you may have had regarding "what's up w/ Jeff" and fill in some gaps as to why I haven't kept in closest contact with you.

I'll start at the beginning of the year. I was working for UUNet Technologies as a Dial Support Engineer. I had been promoted to the position of "senior" engineer. What this meant was that I was now in a position of "authority" over the junior (level I and level II) engineers. In this position I could not affect policy and/or procedure, but at least the junior engineers would respect my opinions and solutions w/o giving me much grief. This would be short-lived. In January, I was promoted to "Team Lead" over Dial Support. I shared this role with my co-worker, Dennis. This was the first time that there ever were two Team Leads in Dial. I handled the morning engineers and he handled the night-time engineers. This worked fine for about a month, when I was called into my senior manager's office and was promptly told that I was beeing transfered (within his organization) to head up another department, DSL. This occured at the end of February. I worked as a Team Lead in the DSL group for another month when I was promoted to MANAGER of the DSL group.

While this was going on, I had been searching for a house since November of 1999. My relator, Dorrie, of Long & Foster, continually updated me with new listings each morning at 10am. She would fax over three or four new listings and I would then narrow down which ones that I would like to see, then I would do a "drive by" of the property, and if I liked what I saw, I would then request to make an appointment to see the inside. Many, many times, Dorrie would call me around 2pm of the day she faxed over the new listings to tell me not to bother going to drive past one or more of the listings, because it had already been sold. This was very frustrating. Also many times when I *had* been able to get in a drive-by, I would contact Dorrie the following morning to have her arrange for an appointment. Frequently, she would call me back later in the afternoon to tell me that a bid had already been accepted on the house, so it was now off the market. I was only able to actually get into see about a dozen houses or so when I finally found the perfect (for my current budget) house. The third week of February, I did a drive-by of several houses in the Sterling/Herndon area of Virginia. I drove past a particular property that I didn't especially like, but figured that since I'd be in the area anyway, looking at other properties, I might as well look inside this one too. I'm sure glad I did!! (I ended up buying it!) [House Details]

I had sold my 1997 Honda Civic in order to qualify for the largest loan dollar amount possible, and I had been driving either Samantha's 1988 Toyota Corolla or my 1985 Audi 4000s (Aquired via my friend Bryan's room-mate, Antoinette). I also had my 1985 Ford Bronco here in Virgina, but none of the above satisfied my need of a sports car, thus my search for "the perfect Miata" TM commenced. (Please understand, I come by this honestly. My father searched for many, many years for "the perfect boat"TM. He finally settled on a boat, but I'M not conviced that HE'S convinced that it IS "the perfect boat"TM.) I had been looking for a particular Mazda Miata. I was looking for a post '93 model, because starting in '94 the engine displacement was increased from 1.6litres to 1.8litres. I was also looking for pre '96, because this is when OBD-II was included on Miatas. I was also looking for a Laguna blue one, which were only made in '94 and '95. I was then looking for a 'B' or a 'C' model, because they had the option package that I wanted. The problem with the "Laguna" blue color is that there were only 2200(+/-) of them made. (Compare to 84,000+ red ones!) This made it much more difficult to find. In addition to that, only 430(+/-) of these Lagunas were made in the 'C' package. After months of searching, I finally found one in Missouri. The milage was right (26,000) and the price was acceptable. I went and got it! [Miata details] I must say, it wasn't the brightest things to do (immediately after purchasing a house), but I don't regret it for a minute. I wish that I had done this years ago. LOVE THIS CAR!!. (I picked it up on May 23rd. I can assure you that I will cherish this day anually.

In my role as Manager for DSL services for UUNet, I had been traveling to several different locations. I had been to Salt Lake City, UT, San Francisco, CA, Atlanta, GA, andColumbus, OH. I do not enjoy traveling on business at all. It always disappoints me that I cannot go and see what I would like to see. For me traveling on business is merely doing the job that I normally do, with the exception that I now cannot sleep in my own bed at night in the comfort of my own house. Plus.. I get to pay a lot of money for meals, and then wait a month to be re-imbursed for it. No thanks. Additionally, I had been growing tired of what I did not have control over, so when I was propositioned by my old boss, Mike, to come work for his new company, I was open to the idea. After much discussion, I was made an offer that I could not refuse. So... I now work for PeakXV networks. My title is "senior SMC engineer". (SMC stands for Service Management Center) In this position, I will be responsible for monitoring customer's networks and notifying them (hopefully proactively) of problems on their network. No more incoming customer calls!! WHOOO-HOO!!!

Please take the time to update your information with me. I had to turn in my laptop and pager and cell phone before I was ready and I lost all of my contact information. Please pass this website on to anyone you would consider a mutual friend. Thanks.

- Jeff Walters

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